Monday, November 24, 2008

Culture of the week!

Building Code?! Nope, don't got em...

As you can see from the picture this last week we had some 'building code' problems here at the house. I've been up in our attic a few times to fix something or put in new lights etc. But this last week while working on this fan (picture above) in my office I suddenly 'fell through' the ceiling! Luckily, just the one support beam busted out and as you can kinda see from the picture my bum & overall torso fell through the big middle whole and then as my back scraped down a rafter (ouch) my arm and leg were able to bust through the other ceiling tiles and then held my body suspended. Definitely a bit of a scary/painful experience but 'falling through a roof' is just one more thing I check off my man list!

You ever fall through a roof? How did it go?

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Glidewell Family said...

OOOh Owie! You CRACK me up Ben, definitely don't want to cross that one off on my list.

Laurie said...

Ouch!! Hope it's not as sore as it looks!! Take it easy & give your three 'girls' kisses from Auntie Laurie & Big sis.

C & M said...

LOL. Nice!

... by the way ... what "man" list are you carrying?! Mine doesn't say anything about falling through the ceiling!!!



Anonymous said...

Butchie Bana! That is not allowed!

Be more careful, pleeeeeZe!



Ben & Ruth said...

Ha ha ha!

Loving Life!


Whatleys' World said...

My goodness, Ben!! I'm so glad you are ok!! DEFINETELY check that off your 'man's list' of things to do. :)

FennellFanClub said...

My dad fell off a roof. Broke his knee. Glad you didn't sustain any permanent injuries.