Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September Newsletter

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Life in Indonesia...

Since August 17, 1945, the nation of Indonesia has been declared free from outside governments, and its people have developed their identity as citizens of an independent nation. August is a very action-packed month here! At the start of the month, all the people in the neighborhoods decorate their roads with red and white flags and banners, preparing for all the celebrations to come. Several neighborhoods hold workdays where everyone pitches in to build new entrance gates, pull weeds, and paint white lines on the roads. If you are going to visit Indonesia this is the time to come!

There were a couple of events that we were able to be a part of one of them was called “Jalan Santai”. This is when everyone in the neighborhood (Mom, Dad, Kids…) gets up fairly early in the morning and we all go for about a mile to two-mile walk. It’s fun to be out with everyone and a great time to get to know people better and build relationships.
Right Now something that I (Ruth) have been dealing with is homesickness. I miss family and friends of course. There is something that I didn’t know that I would miss and that is just being normal, not being the person everyone stares at. I miss feeling like I belong… But every time my heart goes down this road the Lord is always faithful to bring to memory that I am an alien here on earth and my home is in heaven. There are so many families here that have struggled with the same things I am. I am very thankful that the Lord has giving me a great support base to get me through this time. And yes this too will pass.

On a brighter note both Ben and I have finished another unit in language study! It is such a great encouragement to see ourselves move forward in language and communication with the people here. Now we are able to talk a bit about the day and what we have done/ will do with our neighbors. You can tell by there smiles that they are very excited that we are learning their language and trying to communicate with them!

Thanks once again to all of you! You are such an encouragement to us with all of the prayers, packages, letters, support, & emails. It is such a blessing to know that we have soldiers back home praying for us and encouraging in this battle that we are in!


Going Tribal for Jesus! –Ben & Ruth Kane – Matthew 28:18-20

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