Sunday, September 14, 2008

Culture of the week. (New!!!)

Every missionary goes through culture shock when entering into a foreign mission field. Some experience it worse then others but all experience it! So we've decided to start a weekly blog topic called "Indonesian Culture 101". We'll be posting different culture we see and experience everyday here in Indonesia. We're exited to begin documenting different culture for you because it's SO abundant here and SO very fascinating! Maybe some of this well also help you understand a bit of "Culture Shock"!

With Ramadan going on this month we've decided to do our 'weekly culture' based on how Ramadan is affecting the community and us!

Fasting for lunch!

Part of the Ramadan month is fasting all day (no eating or drinking). Muslims will eat a early morning breakfast before the sun comes up and then eat dinner after the sun goes down. During this time we have to close our dining room curtains when we eat (7-12-5) to be polite to those people around us choosing not to eat or drink while we are.

Our dining room normally...

This is how we now eat all our meals, with the curtains closed!

This 'being polite' to others has also effected local restaurants here. Some places choose to close all together during the day while others just 'some how' block the view of people eating in side!

Even the 'small' whole in the wall sit and eat places will cover up!

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Amrita said...

I don 't know whether they do the same thing in India.

Muslims are a minority here. But Ramadan fasting is a big thing among them.

The Muslim servants cook for their Non-Muslim and non-fasting employers and at home for non-fasting family memebers.

They are not so strict here.