Monday, July 07, 2008

Who Are You?!

Last nights home work for us was to answer some questions on the board with the appropriate Indonesian response for telling people about ourselves. Today we are having a Chapel at school and we newbies are to try to memories this text and say it to all the students there. Sounds like fun huh?!
Selamat pagi!
Nama saya Pak Ben.
Saya berasal dari America, CA.
Saya sudah menikah.
Nama istri say Ibu Ruth.
Kami sudah punya dua anak.
Nama anak, anak kami Chloe dan Gwen.
Chloe berumur tiga tahun dan Gwen berumur dua tahun.
Kami tinggal di Grogol.
Tapi, rumah kami tidak mempunyai nomor.

Rumah kami besar dan berwarna putih.
Itu saja,
Terima Kasih!

Direct Traslation!
Good morning!
Name I, Mr. Ben.
I coming from America, CA.
I already married.
Name wife I Mrs Ruth.
We already have 2 kids.
Name kid, kid we Chloe & Gwen.
Chloe age 3 years and Gwen age 2 year.
We live at Grogol (area).
But house we no have number.
House we big and color white.
this done.
Thank You!

I know with a direct staslation it might sound like bad Eglish. But it's not English but good Indonesian!


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that was fun reading... reminded me of many second year classes!

Anonymous said...

That was really cool! I'm so proud of u.


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Hey! so your new header is wicked cute, I haven't been on in awhile;)! so how is everything going?LOVE YOU GUYS!