Sunday, July 13, 2008

Crocs + Escalator ='s Emergency Room!

Yesterday we took a family trip with some friends to get away for a bit and buy Ruth a birthday present (25 on Saturday the 19!). Unfortunately our day quickly took a turn for the worse! We we're on our way down the escalator in the mall when Chloe's shoe got stuck at the bottom!!! (The picture above is pretty much what the shoe looked like although that was the side and Chloe's was at the bottom, we unfortunately didn't have a camera with us....) Thank the Lord she was able to get her foot out (with some minor cut's and bruises) with some help from Mommy! Although, she was bleeding a bit, crying & very frightened so the mall people told us that we could go to the E.R for a free check up to make sure everything was O.K. The doctor conformed that she hadn't broken or sprained anything. :)

Then today at church we mentioned as a praise what had happened (not getting badly hurt) and... The Pastor said "It wasn't a Croc was it?" Yes! why? Turns out there's a hug issue with kids and Crocs on escalators! Some kids have seriously hurt their foot or broken their toe! Here is one of the many articles about it on the web
So parents beware! Crocs are great for a lot of places. But maybe the mall isn't such a good idea!

As for Chloe she's doing great, although, still bummed about not having her Crocs any more. She will ask where the other one is from time to time and we just tell her the escalator monster ate it!!!


Glidewell Family said...

Wow glad to hear Chloe is ok. Must have been scary for you. We are very interested in buying Crocs for the girls. Although, I have never been fond of esculators since I started having children. Every time I go to the mall I look for the elevator. The girls are always begging me to go to those moving stairs. But for some reason I just can't pull myself towards them with my children.

Jim said...

Wow, glad to hear she's okay! Everyone has this (we think) irrational fear about kids and escalators - here's proof they really can be dangerous! So glad it wasn't worse.

C & M said...

You're a brave girl, Chloe! You survived the escallator monster! Love ya! Uncle Chris

micah and erica said...

Hi Ben, Ruth, Chloe, and Gwen,
First of all I am very glad Chloe didn't get hurt worse on the escalator. My sister fell on one when she was in 6th grade and got a HUGE cut on her leg.

I tried to leave you guys a comment yesterday but it didn't go through. I wanted to let you know that I saw the video that you sent to Temecula Hills. It was so fun to see your house and what you are doing on a daily basis. Ruth, you are a very brave woman! That ride from the city to your house would scare me to death.

I will be praying for you today. Thanks for keeping us updated. I always look forward to hearing what you are up to and what God is doing in your lives.

Jasmine Bennett said...

I'm so glad that her foot is ok! That must have been a little scary. I will not let Matthew wear his crocs to the mall or airport!!
Praying for you guys.
-Matt and Jasmine

Anonymous said...

Chloe...I'm so sorry that happened to you:( But I'm glad you're better. You are a very brave girl and I love you.