Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our Schedule W/ Pictures!

I don't know about you but we've always been curious/exited to know what a day/week schedule is like for different missionaries as we went through the New Tribes training! So I thought you might like to know what ours is like with pictures (good idea Debbie):

5-6 Ben does Devotions early morning...

Ruth goes walking/running with friends

Ben's practices language time (old words & phrases with computer program)
7-8 Get ready/breakfast (sorry, no picture)

8-10 Language helper/tutor time (learn new words & phrases)
10-12 Excursion: go into culture and get pictures of a new setting for learning new words with our group. This picture is in front of a 'rice field' that we went to on Tuesday. Turns out Indonesians have about 5 different names for rice depending on what stage its in...

12-1:30 Lunch/Family time

1:30-2:30 Ben files new words from language helper session into language learning software and prepares for tomorrows tutor session (this picture would be same as above with Ben studying language from computer program).

2:30-3:30 Ruth Practices language with computer program while Ben goes and gets an hour or two of live language (this picture would also be same as above but with Ruth being smaller & cuter). What is live language you as? It's listening to Indonesian with People, radio or T.V.

-After all that our language work day is done! We're now free to hang out with friends or do as we please. Although normally it seems we just don't do much and go to bed early! :)

We've been going to a local Indonesian church on Sunday that starts at 7:00am and goes for about 2 hrs, we also usually have a group meeting Sunday night to reconnect with fellow missionaries here. But other then that Yes, our weekends are free.

P.S we decided to go with any early morning start to our language day because over all it works out better that way. When we study our language learning software it works out best if the girls are asleep so we can concentrate. We also find that if we can get done as much as possible in the morning it helps because our motivation tends to fall after lunch... So if we have only an hr or two left after lunch it's not all that bad! It also frees us up to have some good family time in before bed! :)


micah and erica said...

thanks for the pictures guys! We are thinking about you and praying for you. :)

Jonathan said...

"but with Ruth being smaller & cute" hahahahahahahahaha, awesome

Sarah Elwer said...

good blog!

Mirella said...

Thanks for your updates, I really enjoy them.

Briell said...

You guys are awesome!! I love how you lay your blog out and explain everything you're going through. Keep it up because it makes those who are here, feel sooo involved in your lives personally.

Love you guys! Give your girls a big kiss and hug for me:-).

Rob said...

Hi Ben and Ruth - Our whole family loves to read your blog, all the details make it fun to read and help us know how to pray (and praise!).

Sarah Elwer said...

Hope you had a great birthday!