Thursday, June 05, 2008

Give Us a Call :)

I know your thinking "It's about time!" but yes! We have gotten a 'call in' phone number through 'Skype'. It's a phone # that works with the internet through our computer so we'll see how good it works for a while.

But please give us a call when you get a chance! It'll be fun to catch up and chat for a while!

(603) 941-46zero-zero

P.S. Just a reminder if you are calling from the west coast we are 14 hrs ahead and if you are calling from the east coast we are 11 hrs ahead...


FennellFanClub said...

Does it cost money to call you? Or is it free from Skype to Skype even though you're in a different country?

Ben & Ruth said...

For us to talk on the phone using our "Skype" System it only cost us about .2 cents a min to talk to a line line any where in the world. So it's well worth the cost to talk to you! :)
But yes, Skype to Skype is always completely free!