Saturday, May 03, 2008

Picture of our house & new bunk beds!

We figured your probably getting pretty tired of us not yet posting a picture of our house! Are we right?! Well, here's a picture of the front... Pretty nice huh?!

We'll show you the inside when after we get some furniture & most things get put away.

Things are really progressing here and starting to feel more and more like 'our' home! Two days ago all the new missionaries with us took a trip about an hour north of here to a bigger city called Semarang for some 'hard core' shopping! It's a city that you could probably find on a map if wanted. It's in the middle of Java up tours the top by the water. It was a LONG day but a REALLY good one!

Today's big 'finish' project was we hired the Indonesia NTM handy man to build some guard rails and a latter for the girls bunk beds! It came out really nice! ;^) He even let 'me' screw the latter together...

This is what the beds were like before the big project.

This is Mas Aroni

This picture doesn't have the guard rail on the bottom yet but we put it on for Gwen later. The girls LOVE their new beds and that makes us happy too!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, that's a really cute house!!