Thursday, May 15, 2008

Out & About...

We have started language learning! :) What we've been doing with our group this week is going into town and experiencing culture in a natural situation. In experiencing the culture and seeing things we're about to learn it helps our minds start to comprehend these new words a bit easer.
This is a picture of the start of our 'down town' to we're been spending a lot of time in...

Here is a picture of us going into town on the local transportation 'mini bus'. Aways nice to have a recent photo!

This picture below is a good example of how we've been feeling lately, Western tourist in a Eastern world! We've been feeling very out of place and a little awkward in this new culture. But! As we study new words and comprehend them we are becoming very exited! :)

We will write more soon! Thank you for your continued support and prayers for our family here in Indonesia!


Joy Abbott said...

Prayin for you guys! Keep it up "you gonna learn your teacher he da best'. Ok sorry with claussens talkin about dobu i couldnt help it.

We love you guys and we cant wait to catch up!

JC said...

Hey Guys!

I am so excited for you getting started in e2. I wish we could be there with you :) but best we can figure yet God's got something different for us.

Love ya and miss ya,


p.s. thanks for the phone call last week. Who would have thought we would have actually picked

Leah said...

Gwen looks excited;)