Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Indo Culture #2 Don't Leave your toys out at night!

Our neighbors, Shad and Sarah Deal, came over to visit last evening with their son, Braden. The girls had a bunch of fun playing with little Braden, but Shad was not too excited about all the pink. So he ran home really quick and grabbed some of Braden's more manly toys. A couple of balls and some trucks.
After we all had our share of fun, they grabbed all the boy looking toys and headed for home... but one little ball was forgotten! I think if I hadn't happened to look over the side of our porch the next morning, it would have been gone forever! I was very surprised to see this half buried green ball, swarming with ants! I think the ants here must be on steroids. They buried half the ball in one night!
But don't worry I have rescued the ball and returned it to the owner. All is well. Here are a few pics of the crime scene.
~ Ruth

(All those little pices of dirt on top of the ball are ants)


Anonymous said...

RJ's comment: Why?

Anonymous said...

Dohs cwazy ants....