Friday, April 18, 2008

What Time Is It ???

Time change... This is the biggest thing we're going through right now!

During the last three mornings we've all gone to bed at about 7:00pm totally tired and then waking up at about 3am totally awake and not being able to fall back asleep! Kinda frustrating. The time here in Jakarta, Indonesia is 14 hrs ahead of where we've been living in California for the past 5 months. Our bodies are going through a 'total' sleep schedule change! Just think about how we've 'been trying' to go to bed here at about 9:00pm and at home in California everyone is waking up at 7:00am.

No worries though. Tonight I'm writing this to you at 9:35pm! The other missionaires here said that our 3'rd night is usally when our new schedule starts to kick in for us. And they were right! At least we'll see when we get up in the morning tomorrow...

~Have a good night, or day!

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Ben & Ruth said...

Our adjustment to the time change is going well! We slept in today till about 6:00am which is a great improvement. I know I like to try to get up early and have a jump on the day before the kids get up. So I think I might try to use this whole time change to my advantage and keep waking up a little early and go to bed a little early.