Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Welcome To Indonesia! :)

It has been a LONG, LONG, LONG journey to get here but we made it! So, so, so sorry for not updating you last night when we finally got to the New Tribes guest house in Jakarta at 8:00pm. We were so tired the only thing we could do was 'Go right to bed'! After such a long day of traveling I ended up having one of those head aches right behind my eyes & started to feel sick...

We finally left L.A.X airport around 2am on Tuesday morning and our first flight was to Taipei to re-fuel the air plane. That flight only took about 14 hrs! This is a picture of what that would have looked liked if it wasn't dark out.

We really liked these cool pictures that they show on the plane to let you know how far along the trip you are and it also just shows you where your going. This is LAX to TPE.

After we left Taipei we were headed to Malaysia to have a layover and change planes and then head down to Jakarta Indonesia! That flight was about 5 hrs.

The airport here was very pretty (or cool if your a guy...)

We've got to tell you about our 'first' big cultural experience in Indonesia as a family. Other then maybe driving to the New Tribes guest house last night. 3hrs of traffic and in Indonesia they drive on the Left side of the road!

Anyways... This is a 'water bock', it's an Indonesian shower! They basically have this water reservoir in the bathroom and the rest of the bathroom is tile, toilet, sink & drain.
So this morning at about 4:00am we woke up and couldn't get back to sleep... We all decided to get up and take a shower. How is works is you grab this 'scooper' and scoop/fill it up out of the water basin and then just dump the water (cold water...) out over your body. Even though it was cold the girls enjoyed it because we told them this was a "Indonesian bath"!

We'll update more & more as we find the time!
Thanks for your prayers!
Because He said "Go"
~Ben for the Kane fam


Margo said...

Hey Kane family:

Glad you made it safe into your new world!!!!!!! I plan on reading your blog daily to see what I can learn about Indonesia and of course what your prayer needs are. You should keep all this and write a book about all of this. Life as missionaries in Indonesia.



Glidewell Family said...

Ah we learn't about Indo bath's from the Dyck's in jungle camp since our shower didn't work. Did you take a stroller with you while you traveled? Now we are learning from you!

Ben & Ruth said...

ha ha Glidewell's,
Yes, we did take a stroller with us in that it helped a lot with the girls and it's a 'free be' carry on with the airlines!

Good question,

Anonymous said...

Hey, glad to hear you guys made it! The pictures you posted were great! Hope you're getting some rest and able to relax a little before your trip down to Salatiga!


6 Given 2 Jesus said...

What great pics. We're praying with y'all. Looking forward to hearing more about what the Lord teaches you along this new journey!

in Christ,
Roland (for the Shafers)
2 Corinthians 3:4-6