Monday, April 21, 2008

Check Out that View!

Today we went for a little hike up a near by hill/mountain to check out the view of this area we're visiting called Palu, on the island of Sulawesi. Ruth was feeling a bit tired so I took the girls out so she could rest a bit alone. I guess Mum'z like to be alone now and then...
No worries though, the girls and I didn't wonder off alone. Our buddy James & the guest house family all came up also. It was a really fun time and the view was awesome! It's was one of those times (kinda like the grand canyon) when a picture just doesn't seem to do it justice!

Chloe is our BIG hiker and walked the whole way up and down. Gwen... had a nice ride on Daddy's shoulders!

(click on picture to make larger...)

I took this last picture in honor our of friends Karen Whatley. She has a great website that she & her husband Shane keep up with and... Karen likes to take cool flower pictures and post them some times. So, this ones for you Karen!

-We hope to take a trip over to the beach some time later this week. So check back soon for a hopeful good trip and pictures.
~Ben for the Ruth,Chloe & Gwen


Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks so tropical. Sort of like Hawaii.

Love, Mom

Jonathan said...

wow, awesome view.

Whatleys' World said...

What an awesome flower picture, Kane!!! Awwww.... :) See you guys at the airport tonight!! Can't wait!

Way to go Chloe on hiking all by yourself!!! Nice pics of the 'Meadows!'