Friday, April 25, 2008

Beach Day / Sick Day

Beach Day:
Yesterday we went to a beautiful beach! It took us about an hour & a half to get there but it was well worth it. We, (being 17 of us!) hung out all day and even rented a little row boat just for fun.

The water was perfect. Not too cold and not hot & you could see through the water really far!

There was even some coral reefs only about 10 feet out. We had masks & snorkels and loved looking at the beautiful reefs and all the ocean life that comes with it! Yep, just a bunch of spoiled missionaries! ;^) Here a a few more pictures below of the scenery of the area.

(click on pictures to make them larger...)
Sick Day:
So yesterday (beach day) I woke up having my stomach feeling a little troubled and had a headache. Soon after I got to see everything I had eaten the night before. As the day went on I felt good and then not so good off and on. I ended up getting some diarrhea but luckily it seems to be going away now. Unfortunately though as we were getting ready to leave the beach Gwen threw up! We thought she was probably feeling better after but she ended up puking about 5 times in my lap on the way home. But, all in all I think we're both felling a lot better today.



Joan said...

Awww, poor little Gwenny.

Wes & Brenda said...

It is a lot of traveling for sure! Glad you got to the beach... how did you like the drive?
I'm wondering if the road is improved or the same =)