Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Clean Your Screen

We tried this and it seemed to work great! : ) Thought you might need it too.

Have you noticed that your computer monitor, after a few years of use is
not as clear as it was when new? Well, that's because electrostatic
charges cause micro-etching on the interior surface of the glass which
can degrade the picture quality.

As a result you end up straining your vision and visual acuity can
suffer... BUT... GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to MICROSOFT this process is REVERSIBLE thanks to a brand new
JUST INTRODUCED PROGRAM that "cleans" the inside of the screen!!!!!!

The process takes LESS THAN 30 SECONDS, and the difference is



Sarah Elwer said...

ha ha ha!

Norm & Debra said...

it even works on a mac!

it also reminds me of an old post of yours :o)

Glidewell Family said...

I think this version contained a virus, as shortly after cleaning my monitor, there was a chewing and crunching sound comming from the CPU!

Do you think they could adapt a smaller version for DVD's?

Anonymous said...

AAAHHHgh!! There's something leaking out of my computer!