Monday, January 28, 2008

Playin' In The Rain!

It has been raining out here in sunny, southern California for the past couple of days now. So I told the girls that it was time to get on our boots and pink ponchos and have some fun outside! We spent a bit of time on the sidewalk and then headed off to the park, where there are plenty of puddles for splashing in & getting a bit dirty! Here are a few pictures of our great adventure together... Enjoy! : )

These pictures are pretty much in the order of events... Chloe staying clean happy, while Gwen stomps in the puddle getting as dirty as possible!!!
(click on pictures to make them larger)


The Abbotts said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Your kids are so cute!

Joan said...

Those are pretty cute girls you've got there, Ruth. I especially like the 3rd picture with Gwen's funny face.

Ben & Ruth said...

Joan.... C'mon, their my girls too!

Corey Clan said...

Man we miss you all and your little cuties. Rain sounds nice to play in. We, here in freezing Michigan, spend our time playing in the snow and sledding.