Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pigs in a Blanket

Well, it's still been raining outside. We have had to stick to some inside games. Lately Chloe has really enjoy playing "mommy". One of her favorite times is when it is bed time for the babies. She tucks them all into bed with their blankets.
So I thought she might really enjoy a "twist" on the idea of putting to bed. I told her that we were going to make "pigs in a blanket". She was so excited!
First we made the dough.. which she thought tasted pretty good on it's own. She then helped me roll it out. I did the cutting, cause the knife is really sharp, she told me. Then came the fun part, putt'in the little piggies to bed! She wrapped each one up and tucked them into bed. We said goodnight to each one and then put them in the oven. Which I thought was a bit morbid, but whatever.
We ate them for lunch and everyone loved them. Chloe proudly told everyone that SHE made the piggies, mommy helped a little ;)
~ Ruth

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Glidewell Family said...

Hey our friend John who is staying with us for awhile is from the LA area. He said that CA. doesn't get very much rain so it sound like it's unusual for you. I also recognize that pigs in a blanket recipe do you know how I can get the recipe? Is it on The Meyer's made it for us and I think they got the recipe from you? Anyways it was good.

Sarah Elwer said...

how fun! I wish I had thought of something so creative to do during all this rain!

We really do need to get together soon! what is a week like for you guys - maybe you could all come for dinner?!

Hemp said...

What a great story! The girls are getting so big! I miss you all. Keep this blog updated!

Love, Hemp :)

Jeff & DeAnna said...

That's cute! Great pic's too!

I'd like your recipe too. Is it much work??

annaed2 AT yahoo dot ca