Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Pictures for Daddy.

This post is for you, Ben. We miss you and know that you miss us too. So we thought we would post some pictures for you. Chloe keeps asking "Daddy home"? I have to tell her that you are coming soon. And Gwen just screams and giggles at herself, but she misses you, just like I do.
We love you!
~Ruth, Chloe, & Gwendolyn


Looper said...

how cute! wait... did you get dreads for real? they look cute!

Kane said...

Thanks Baby! :)
Great Post
I'm coming home soon. We leave here in about 3.5 hours
Love you SO much...

cynthia fulton said...

Wow!!! All of Ben's women a gorgeous!! Woo hoo, Ruth!!