Monday, March 05, 2007

NTMC Videos : - )

O.K. So we've been waiting a long time to show these to you. Norm & I have been working on making video's for our trip to show what life looks like here on campus. I've been waiting to make them public because we didn't want any of the Bible schools to see them before we got there. Hope you enjoy! :)

And yes... one of the videos has a intro of our snow cave....


Paul and Sheila Gunderson said...

Hey Ben,

Those are some awesome videos that give a good picture of what life is like at the Canadian MTC. I definitely don't mind being down here in Missouri where today it was 70 degrees F with no snow on the ground. Again, I just want to say great job on the videos, we really enjoyed them. It was fun to see all those familiar faces again.


Ben & Ruth said...

nice post Ben. The Videos are awesome, but I already knew that!

Judy Kane said...

What fun to watch each video, my favorite is Housing, also Kids, and sports, that footballthrow impressed your dad... all are clever and funny.
Great seeing the girls and you two in the scenes!

Looper said...

those are pretty sweet, I think the tubing one is my favorite! having a lil' trouble staying up on that board, aye?!