Wednesday, January 24, 2007

One Big American Family

It has finally happened! Gwendolyn now has her American citizenship; she’s officially dual, both Canadian & American! We also got done all the paper work for Passports for both the girls…

Monday morning we & the Copeland's all loaded up in our van to head off to Toronto (3hr drive). We left at six in the morning because the consulate is only open from 8:30am till 11:30am. Yeah, I know, weird hours. Everything went great & we didn’t have any problems. Thank you all for praying. And we now have one big American family!

P.S. the Everson’s are still waiting on Visas. They have pushed their plane tickets back to February 9 hoping that will give them enough time to figure all this out.

The kiddos did really great with the long drive. Although coming back they were zonked! Check out these pictures!!!

Chloe & Canaan Copeland
Canaan is sleeping with bottle in mouth!

if you click on picture to make larger you can see 'all' the marks on Chloe's face!!!

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Dave & Katie said...

Glad to hear that everything went smoothly! Cute pictures of the kids!