Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How much is Fair Trade at Sam's Club?

Hey would someone let my friend John C. know (through commenting here) how much a pound of Fair Trade coffee is at Sam’s Club and if they sell larger bags then a pound and how much those are.
Thank You!!! :)


jonathan hall said...

Ben & Ruth said...

Thanks a bunch Jonathan! And there you have it John. It looks like only 40oz. bags for about $11.68. Not the bulk we were hoping for. I think I remember getting a better deal at Starbucks... LOL

Anonymous said...

Try this web link. Prices start at $5 per lb for fair trade.

JC said...

Thanks...I will check it out! I would like to change all the break time coffee over to fairtrade as well.

Thanks again,


The Abbotts said...

Hey Kane I checked out that coffee at sams and its 2.5 pounds for the 12$ Over twice what you got from starbucks.


C & M said...

It's not Samsclub coffee, but if you get onto Transfairusa, you can get a list of coffee roasters who offer Fair Trade Coffees.

Go to "Shop", "Fair Trade Products", and then "Coffee".