Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Phonetics! :-O

Phonetics…Well what can I say? Phonetics has blown us away (in a good way) and we’re loving it! Ok, get this… Some day when we’re learning a tribal language we won’t be writing it in English! Why you might ask? Because the English language is so mest up in my answer!

To explain a little: Say… This & Think... the th makes a different sound in each word! The difference is one th has voice box turned on and the other th doesn’t.

Also say book & boot. Again, two different sounds yet same 2 letters, crazy’ness!!!

So the study of Phonetics teaches us to make and get use to learning a lot of sounds that we don’t make in the English language but are used in other languages that we might need to learn some day. Oh, and the great thing about the Phonetic language is every sound has one symbol and that one symbol always makes that one sound! So you don’t have to worry about it! I’m so impressed! It’s a beautiful thing.
Although the idea of not using English still blows me away….. :)


P.S. Please pray for us as the class does require are lot of home work and study which is why we haven’t been posting much. Please keep us in your prayers!


Jackson Family said...

Hi guys! Yes, phonetics can be a tongue twister... just wait till grammar and phonemics-they're even better! Well, PNG's great so far! The ants invading our house don't bother me too much yet... check out our blog for pics of our house! I totally love it! miss youguys!
love ya

Chris & Melissa said...

LOL! I hear you! Try explaining that to someone who's trying to learn English for the first time! I get all sorts of weird and confused looks. - ck

Looper said...

wow sounds really cool guys! I'll be praying for you guys!