Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Our Class

This is a picture of our new group for Phonetics. We have a class total of 24 students all together. But they broke us into 3 smaller groups for better one-on-one study. This picture above is our group. Left to right: John (our teacher), Briell, Joy, KayZue, John, James, myself, & Ruth.

Our friend in our class Briell just wrote a very good explanation of Phonetics. Check it out ->


Briell said...

Thanks Kane for hooking me up with more visitors:-), and for stealing my class picture- although you did warn me that you were going to steal it.

Kanes said...

Great seeing your small group, sounds like you had more visitors, we really enjoyed our sitting in on your classes, tell them all Hi, phonetically for us.
Love Judy and Dad