Sunday, June 04, 2006

Tomorrow it begins…

Well tomorrow morning it starts! To tell you the truth the whole project to me is very daunting. Even though I’ve been a general construction guy now for about 8 years, I’ve never built a house made from only tree poles, plastic, and duck tape (with only 8 working days to do it)! I’d better get going now, I’m getting up in 6.5 hrs to start!!!!

House plans "lay out"
(click picture to make larger)

House lot :)

This is Ruth’s sister and brother in-law’s finished product of Curtis & Joanna Bergman’s Jungle Camp House.

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Chris & Melissa said...

Wow ... not much privacy with that clear plastic. A couple of questions: How many other couples are doing this with you? How close are they? Is this similar to what your dwelling will look like once out in the field?