Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jungle Camp… What is it?!?

Jungle Camp is designed to give us a picture of what it could be like to live in a tribal situation. It is not designed to teach us survival, but rather how to plan and prepare. We will be living up in our “jungle", here in Durham, ON. We are given two weeks to build our house. We then live in it for four weeks. I hear it is an adventure!
This is what will take place, first the planning. We need to plan all of the meals we will eat. That means everything; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any snacks we may want for a month! Once we are up there, we aren’t allowed to leave unless there is an emergence! The purpose of this is to teach us how to plan exactly what we will need/want for a month. When we are in a tribal setting we won’t be able to run out to the store for something we need, so this is good practice...
Another thing that goes into planning our menu is food prep. In our JC house we will not have a fridge. All of our meat must be canned. We will need to plan out how much bread and things like that we will want and take all of the supplies for making them up with us.
We also need to plan how our house is going to be laid out. This includes our plumbing, and electrical, too.
After we build, it is then time to move up. To help it stay “realistic” we carry all of our supplies up. We aren’t allowed to drive, because in a tribal setting we won’t have that option, most likely.
We will then spend the next four weeks living in the woods, in isolation. But there is a visitor’s weekend. We hope many of you will be able to come and visit us during that time!

We are expected to provide everything needed to build and live in Jungle Camp. Click "here" to check out our list of needed items for Jungle Camp

Jungle camp takes place from June 17 – July 14 2006
Open house weekend is July 8 & 9, Please come and visit !!!

Purpose of Jungle Camp:
To many visitors Jungle Camp is survival training. In reality, JC is not about survival, but about preparation and planning ahead. And while students are living without modern conveniences, many more aspects come into play.

Summed up, Jungle Camp is:
1) Teaches students how to deal with change and the unknown i.e. dirt, bugs, weather, leaky roofs, smoky stoves.
2) Develops team work & conflict resolution.
3) Living in a close community helps participants recognize their own needs while giving plenty of opportunity to be a blessing to others.

It quickly becomes evident to the students that trusting God with life’s daily routine, mishaps, needs and relationships is necessary for joyful living!


Looper said...

I fixed it so she could comment

Looper said...

good supply list...but didn't you! but then I suppose you could get yourself a bear with your hatchet, I've heard it's pretty tasty!!

Chris & Melissa said...

Wow! Pretty intense, but also sounds like quite an adventure. Will both kids be with you two?

Ben & Ruth said...

To looper: we didn’t put on any food items because the list is made up of “extra” things we need to buy for Jungle Camp. Food is a normal part of living for us (not added expense).
Chris & Melissa: Yes, it is going to be a great adventure! And yes those two little girls of ours are coming with us. But not to worry, I’ve made our house up in such a way as Chloe can’t get into the kitchen (meaning, can’t touch the stove!) and I’ve bought a fire extinguisher just in case….!

Looper said...

ya I know, but it would still be pretty sweet if you got a bear, then you could have a bear skin rug for your jungle house!

Karl Herrick said...

Hey, what happened to the new axe I gave to you? ;-)