Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Question and answer time:

Yes, it is true that clear plastic doesn’t provide much privacy; this is why we also buy black plastic. There are a total of 11 houses going up right now. 7 of those are families and 4 are single’s homes. All of Jungle Camp is about 5 acres (so say’ith Ruth). All in all we have two family’s living pretty close to the back of our house. So close you could probably hear each other talk through our plastic. And No, I don’t think I need a “coonskin” hat. Thx though Bob. Also, No we can't blog in the woods where our Jungle Camp house is. But then agian we're not going to be living in it until next Friday (June 17). So until then I'll try to email/phone/blog as much as we can (so busy though). But yes, once we move up we will no longer be able to email/phone/blog for a month!!! But we can snail mail out and get letter's in. So sharpen your pencils and ink up your pens, we would LOVE to hear from you! :-)

P.S. oh, yeah, these Jungle Camp homes will look really nothing like our house in the tribe, houses in the tribe look pretty normal to everything day homes.

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Dad & Judy Kane said...

Ben, Ruth,and girls, I am just catching up with all your news. Let's plan on talking before Friday June 17th...you all look sooooo good. Our prayers are with you every day...watch for our mail too.
Love and hugs,
Judy and Dad