Sunday, June 11, 2006

JC Day #6

Well we have just completed day six. Talk about a busy schedule! Ben is up by 6:00 am every morning and at the work sit by 6:30 am. He never comes home before 8:30 pm and some nights it’s been as late as 10:00pm. He says all you need is a good battery powered light and you can see just fine. I’m not so sure. The girls and I have spent as much time up there as we can. Helping “Dada” out, as Chloe calls him.
Chloe has been having a ball “helping” Daddy out. Sometimes it is more of a step back then anything. But we get a good kick out of watching her.

A little progress report for you; we now have our benches up and working, along with our stove and bed. Ben has been working on the counters and our bay window, which is looking wonderful, I might add. Also the poles for the shower are in place and ready for the plastic to be put around.

Just a prayer request to throw out to you all… Energy! We need it! On Monday Ben leaves for a 30. km hike with the men here. He is going to need a little extra for that. And I’m home with the girls and in charge of the building while he’s gone. I’m excited to get some work done on the house, but I’m not sure how my energy level is going to hold up.
Well, we will continue to keep you posted while we can!
~ Ruth

P.S. check out the Copeland video of the massive rain storm we had on Day #4


jonathan hall said...

AWE MAN! FLOODING? geez, well im praying for energy! looks like you need some ditches and drainage.

Chris & Melissa said...

Yikes Ben! Reminds me of that storm we got caught in when we went camping in Arizona! ... Only we didn't get quite so flooded out. At least we know that the very God who created that hail is the one you have to lean on for strength and energy to bear through it all!

We're still praying for you all!

Looper said...

holy cow, I don't think I've ever seen hail that big!so much for dirt floors...