Saturday, June 17, 2006

Going Away...

Hey everyone,
We just wanted to say a final good bye to everyone. We are headed to Jungle Camp for a month
! But... we can recieve mail. So feel free to write us; 313363 hwy. 6 s. box 707 Durham, ON N0G1R0 Canada
We would love to hear from you. Take care
~ the Kane Family


Anonymous said...

Ben, Just wanted to say Happy Birthday - I know you aren;t going to see this for a long time, but I was a slacker (or just jet lagged) and didn't mail you a card! I'm praying for you all and praying that you get a bit of a brake on your day :)
Sarah Howley

Jeff Crowder said...

Why do you want to reach a tribe that is happy and content without you introducing the cold, influenza, guilt, shame, modesty, and other blythes on their tribe. Leave them alone. I hope you fail. They are just fine without you.

I'm sorry for such an angry comment, but you have no right. They are human beings, not savages who need to be saved. Religion causes wars. Even if you weren't going to there to introduce Jesus, they are probably one of the last remaining "undisturbed tribes" of the world. Leave them alone. They are not a freak show.