Friday, January 06, 2006

We're Home!

After a wonderful visit in California, we are now back home in Ontario Canada! Our travel went well. There were only a couple of little bumps along the way. The first one happened when we were delayed in Dallas, Texas for an hour. Someone noticed some fluid leaking from the plane (ah ooh), so after they had completely looked over the whole plane we were then cleared for take off. Our last one was when Chloe decided that she was done with traveling (still on the plane). After about fourty five minutes of unhappiness, she fell back to sleep, and we had a smooth landing. After the plane landing, luggage pickup, hotel bus picking us up, driving home in a snow storm, it wasn't until a little after 4:00am that we arrived safely yet completely exhausted. Right now we are adjusting our schedules to Eastern Time. It's nice that we have a few days to do this before school starts back up.

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