Monday, January 02, 2006

Sunny California

We’re having a great time in sunny, southern California (even though it raining right now…). It’s been a nice break from the cold. The first week we got here the temp was 80! We’ve been staying pretty busy with Christmas parties with family, Chloe’s Birthday party as well as New Years! Tomorrow also calibrating our 2 year anniversary (yeahJ)! Then, come Wednesdays we we’ll be in and out of airports all day, flying home to snowy, bone chilling, cold Durham, Canada! We’ve been having a lot of fun here enjoying the warmth of California, as well as, the time we’ve spent with family and friends. We are, though, very exited to get back to “our home” and start our training again; for reaching one of the 3,000 lost tribes of the world!


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