Saturday, June 04, 2011

Family Update:

Wanted to write a quick note before breakfast to let everyone know that our sicknesses are mostly on the med and we're doing pretty good. We've sold most of our big things and that has been a big blessing. We still have the girls beds, couch set, and 2 AC's. Pray those sell in the next 3 days!

Last night we officially moved away from our house. Because we had sold our bed, fridge, coffee maker, toaster, washing machine, stove etc we thought it best to let everyone take their things and so the plan was to move into a missionaries house up the road that is on furlough. So we moved in last night and although I was a bit worried all our plane baggage would be stolen in the night everything was ok in the morning. :)

Thanks for your prayers during this time. It's weird feeling both very sad and happy at the same time for weeks.

Love ya,
~Ben & Ruth


Sarah Elwer said...

been praying for you guys a lot lately, just thought I should let you guys know :)

C Kane; M Kane said...

Yea - I've been praying for you all also. Glad the girls are starting to feel better. Just think... soon you'll be back in the old USA. Sounds like everyone's VERY excited to see you.

Love you all. CK