Monday, June 13, 2011

Back in the USA!

So sorry for our late reply on getting back to the States and my health. Things have been crazy since we arrived. We arrived back on Thursday and we didn't get up to the cabin in Big Bear where we are going to be staying until after 8:00pm. With that said we eat dinner, showered, brush teeth and went to bed! I then found out the next day that I had been invited by an old friend, pastor, to attend a men's conference not too far from our new place of residence while in CA. Although I was thinking leaving Ruth and the kids the day after we arrived wouldn't be the best adea I was also excited about the idea of of being refreshed in my focus of Jesus and I'd get to go with my Dad. With permission from Ruth and knowing my step Mom was going to be to be there to help I headed off with my Dad. Needless to say my father and I had a great time and I really enjoyed the renewed focus on the Lord and came home wanting to be a better father and husband. So everyone wins!  : )

As for my health praise the Lord since landing on US soil my fever went away (finally after 4 days) and I've been getting better every day with neck pain, sore throat, and sinus infection.

Thanks for so many of you who have been praying for us during this time of transition. We have already seen the Lord work in many ways to help us along the way! We'll be checking in again soon.

Until then here is our new cell # 949-940-5530

Grace & Peace,
~Ben & Ruth

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