Thursday, May 12, 2011

Trip to Singapore.

We left Indonesia yesterday morning and had a nice LONG 12hr day of travel from Menado to Singapore. We have been amazed at just home beautiful this city is and how nice the airport is. But we have always been amazed at the prices of things! We have spent $100 on taxi fares, $100 on food, and $500 to change our return flight from a week to 2 days. And we've only been here 24hrs! We are very thankful though that a local family has opened up their 'granny flat' to us to stay in instead of a expensive hotel and even now as I write all our girls are sleeping on floor mats, and Isaiah is in bed with Ruth and I. It works, but not something we're wanting to do 'long term'! Please be praying for us as tomorrow we get up early and do it all over again with heading back to Indonesia. These are hard long days for us. We are thankful though that this visa trip has been as smooth as possible.

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Mark from Freedom said...

Glad to hear that things are {in a comparative sense} smooth and easy. We were praying for you.