Thursday, May 26, 2011

Poor Gwen :(

Gwen woke up yesterday morning (May 25) with about 6 'white head' pimples on her face out of no where! Ruth and I were really surprised and worried to see them. Sometimes Chloe gets white head pimple rashes on her legs or arms but this is Gwen's first and it was on/around her mouth and nose. We as parents living in a foreign country, of course, fear the worst at first, mouth Herpes. Could it be? Living a a developing country can be scary with little kids. The doctors here, in general, aren't really all that great, so we have no confidence in running out to the hospital. We've done what we know to do with white head pimples. Break them open with a sterol needle and apply Hydrogen Peroxide to infected area. Today has been the second day since the first outbreak and they seem to be healing up well and only 1 new one has appeared on her lip. We were thinking maybe all this has to do with the dogs/cats she was playing with the day before. It could be a face allergy thing, but unfortunately she now has been running a fever for the past 2 days. That to say her body is definitely dealing with something internally. We say all this, not for you to freak out (that's our job) but, so that you can better pray for our family and for 'poor Gwen'. This has been very hard on Gwen and for those of you that know her, know Gwen has the personality of a little girl x2. Today she was crying because her face lacerations hurt and she says, "but I don't want to be so sad" as a tear runs down her face. :(  Please join us in prayer for her over the next few days. We pray this is a simple infection in her body that is acting a bit weird but will soon pass.

Thank you on Gwen's behalf,
Ben & Ruth

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