Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Someone IS posting!

Our fondest apologies for lack of 'updates' on our blog the last few weeks. I've (Ben) found since Isaiah was born my limited free time has turned into no free time during the day and then mentally collapsing at night.

 BUT…. Ruth's little sister Leah who has been here helping with a timely visit for the past 2 months and still has another month to go HAS been posting on "her" blog. So although I can't actually 'steal' her posts you can check out her blog at  for some latest happenings with her and US! And yes, I'm hoping in the near'ish future to begin being a faithful poster yet again. 


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Leah for all your good bloging on the Kanes. Isaiah sure has changed his face has thinned out and now looks more like his sisters. Thanks for the update and we'll continue praying for the Kanes.
The G Fam.