Sunday, March 13, 2011

Visas and Paper Work!

God is GOOD all the time

Dear Family & Friends,

Ruth and I wanted to write you an update concerning our recent issues with regards to our Visa’s in country as well as Isaiah’s paper work. It turns out that paper work for our family right now is monumentally complicated! :( Although difficult, I”ll try to explain what I can so as you can be better prepared to pray specifically for us.

1)After Isaiah was born we knew that he needed to get a CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad), U.S. Passport, & U.S. Social Security Card. Normally this is done by having the mother & father fly (6 hrs in the air with a layover) with there newborn child to Jakarta to the American Embassy. Praise the Lord though when we were still at the hospital we got an email saying that someone from the American Embassy was coming to OUR town and is wanting to help with ALL our paper work (Ben also needs PassPort pages added, and the girls PassPorts are expiring this year and need new ones). The only problem with this goodness is her date to arrive is over a month later then if we had gone ourselves and Isaiah has to have his PassPort to start his visa paper work witch HAS to be done within 2 months of his birthdate.

2)Ruth, Chloe, Gwen, & Addie all need to switch there visa’s from there study visa to my work visa. I think Ruth and the girls passports have to be mailed to 3 different locations for applying and processing this.

3)After everyone’s visas are in the processing phase Ruth and the girls have to get a ‘clear to leave the country-one way’ form from the Government and it’s at that time that we all have to leave the country and fly to Singapore. Then after Ruth’s and the girls visas are done we can fly back under those new visa’s.

And to be honest this is the ‘simple’ explication of our situation. The long and the short of it is with Isaiah’s paper work colliding with Ruth and the girls AND having to leave the country at just the right time there are many head people right now in our mission working to help us get this done with as little bumps as possible. For this very reason we covet your prayers for the next 5 weeks or so!

On other news Addie seems to be getting a little bit better day by day now that she is on antibiotics. However, Gwen started in with a nasty coach last night and I (Ben) have been in bed most of the weekend suffering from some vertigo from a sore neck after playing volley ball with the guy’s from the mission school this last week. Hitting 30 has been a bit harder then I thought! : -)

P.S. Praise the Lord although a wave from the tsunami did hit the beach close to our area is wasn’t big enough to cause any significant damage.

Grace & Peace to you,

~Ben & Ruth
Chloe, Addie, Gwen, Addie, & Isaiah


Mark said...

Glad to hear the God parted the waters to protect you guys. Now we will be praying that He will part the red tape...

Be blessed and stay dry.

THCF Outreach said...

So glad to hear you guys weren't affected by the Tsunami.

After reading the explanation of your visa and passport process I think you need to draw us a chart or something! What an unbelievable process!