Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nightly responsibilities:

*Turn on porch lights to warn off robbers. Check!

*Make sure car doors are locked so as not to get stolen. Check!

*Bring the motor bike into the kitchen so as not to get stolen. Check!

*Unhook and bring in the washing machine from the porch so as not to get stolen. Check!

*Unhook and bring in the well pump as not to get stolen. Check!

*Check exterior doors are locked as to keep someone bad from happening. Check!

*Hit the ceiling with something to scare of the rats. Check!


Mark from Freedom said...

What about the Raid resistant roaches?

Smirk. Fun. Will add that to the list of things to pray for.
Speaking of thieves, does Indo have its own equivalent of 911? Or is it just yell and rouse the neighbors?

Ben Kane said...

As far as I know the answer is: Yes, "yell and rouse the neighbors?". If a thieve is caught I've been told its a really bad beating by the upset neighborhood. This is something I have yet to see & hope I don't.....

Mamacita said...

Except for bringing in the washing machine & well pump at night, your nightly routine is just about like anyone else in the USA. California & Arizona have rats!!! If I didn't close my doggie door at night, the rats come right thru it & make themselves at home! Suggestion: change plumbing to include washing machine inside your kitchen :) Since you only seem to have one neighbor, beating a thief doesn't seem a possibility...

Love, Mom