Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Update (not a email update....)

Hey everyone,

Thanks you all so much for your many emails and replies. I've been sitting here in the Internet place for about 2 hrs just reading through emails and trying to reply to some. It has been harder then I thought to come down here to the internet place in that during the day it's been hard to get away and at night when the day is over Ruth doesn't feel safe with me leaving in that we don't yet have any door locks on the house. Who could blame her!

Things are going really well and we have no real complaint! God has answered our prayers and given us a GREAT neighborhood to live in. It sure has been amazing to see the differences in living in a Christian area/neighborhood. Our neighbors act as if we're old friend and are very comfortable in hanging out with us and us with them. I often find my self over at a neighbors house in the evening drinking coffee from water that was boiled over fire and talking about life. To my utmost excitement I was even invited on a PIG HUNT! There were times I thought I would just die with the fast pace through the jungle with all the ups and downs on the hills and mountains but I made it through it all and unfortunately we didn't find any pigs. But as my Dad would say "The good part is you get to do it again then!". :)

OK, I gotta get going. I've already been away from home too long and we have a friend coming over for dinner. So even though it is now pouring rain outside I'm going to hope on my motor bike and head for home!

Grace & Peace,

P.S. hope to get internet soon at the house!


California Kanes said...

YEAH, we got an update!!! Pray the locks get in soon. Wild pig hunting, another adventure!. Stay safe. Our Love and hugs to you all.
Papa and Gma

The Calhouns said...

Looks like we missed saying Hi until your next trip to get updated! We are praying for you all. I am praying for Ruth that she would just be feeling better and better in her pregnancy and energy level! Post some updated photos when you can of everyone!
Love to all,
Kristi - for the Calhouns

Mark from Freedom Fellowship said...

The hunt is on!! Glad you guys are having a good time over in the new place. Freedom is praying for you guys, and I, for one, am praying you guys get your internet up and running soon. (I enjoy our Skype calls and I miss not having them)


Leah Jackson said...

hey so I have a new blog address, it's, and I updated:)a pig hunt huh? sounds fun! tell Ruthy I know the feeling, in Chihuahua, I keep thinking someones going to come in the window!!!!just my imagination though:)

Ben from Freedom Fellowship said...

Watching your house tour now... Thanks for posting! Always good to hear from you guys! Blessings!

Ben from Freedom Fellowship said...

Great tour Ben, thanks! Chloe is quite the tour guide.

labatterie said...

Freedom is praying for you guys, and I, for one, am praying you guys get your internet up and running soon.