Monday, July 19, 2010

Culture of the Week!


My new hobby is awesome! Many of you probably don’t know that RAT’S are kinda a big problem/annoyance here in Indonesia. And unfortunately for us we had a BIG family of them living in the roof space directly above our bed room. We would hear them fall, chew, run, & fight in the night and during the day pretty regularly. I had though about buying some d-CON poison but I then though if a rat was to die up in our ceiling that could be an even BIGGER problem. But praise be to God I found another solution. They make a wire cage here that has a nice weighted drop down ramp on the front and when something (rat) walks in to eat the bait it can’t get out! And the best part is.... Ladies you may not want to read on.... I have multiple awesome ways to exterminate them:
  1. I have a traditional tribal bow and arrows that I can shoot straight through the brain killing it fast with minimal blood.
  2. I have a BB gun (enough said).
  3. You can drop the cage in a 5gal bucket full of water for a min or two. But, I don't prefer this method.
  4. The dog that we are borrowing (A big golden retriever) is an Indonesian dog, meaning that he too catches and kills rats...
  5. And this one really is the best. I have a friend who has a pet hawk that will fly down and kill/eat the rat.
So needless to say I have yet found another great hobby that also helps keep things healthy and safe around the house!  : - )

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Anonymous said...

The boys are going to love this one!!!!!
The Plattes

Mamacita said...

In Laguna Woods, living w/Grandma, we had a horrible rat problem & I used ordinary rat traps. Once I caught 2 rats in one trap! Very astonishing....

Have fun w/your hobbie!



Ben & Ruth said...

I forgot to mention that I've caught about a dozen rats in our house sense I've started this new hobby about 3 weeks ago. I use to catch two a night but now I'm down to about one a week.... : )

Good times!

Anonymous said...

I think my favorite part is the fact that you're wearing what appears to be a Best Buy shirt! It's kinda like you're an out-of-place employee doing the best he can with the things (to sell) around him... "so, as you can see here, this is our top of the line model... he will bother, annoy, or even frighten anyone. Guaranteed! So, would you like to go for the extended warranty on him? If stepped on you get a full refund or replacement (insert cheesy grin)." Just made me laugh out loud!

Alright, love ya buddy

Anonymous said...

What do you use for bait?

I use to use peanut butter rolled in birdseed. They loved it.

Thank goodness, we never had them in the house. Yikes!


Rebecca said...

Love the true can be interesting...