Friday, June 18, 2010

Please Be Praying For Gwen this week!

Gwen has Dengue Fever! This has been a bit of a hard week! Chloe had Dengue Fever for 4 days, now Gwen has Dengue Fever, Addie has Thrush, and Ruth's not feeling good! Good thing the 'Man' of the house is here to save the day. ha!

But back to poor Gwen though. Last night the fever started at about midnight and we started her on meds. Today she topped off with a 104.2 fever and so we had to strip her down to just her undies and let her body cool back down to a safer temp (although she felt freezing). For those of you that know our girls you will know that when Chloe get's sick she's GREAT, but when Gwen get's sick she is DRAMA! So with that said Ruth & I will have to be constant nurses for the next few days/week to help get Gwen back to her normal self again soon.

Please be praying that Gwen get's better soon and that this infection isn't too hard on her little body. With Dengue it gives you a hight fever for 3-7 days which will then cause your body to ache all over, give you a head ache, and can cause puking (Gwen already puked 4 times today, one time on me...)

Thank You for your prayers on her behalf. I know she appreciates it, as do we!


Mamacita said...

Oh, poor Gwen. That's so sad to see. God bless her and make her well soon.
Hope you all feel better soon.



C Kane; M Kane said...

Drama? WHAT?!

She gets that from uncle Chris.

Give her a big (but gentle) hug from us.