Sunday, May 09, 2010

New Bible Study and Peter Pan!

Another FULL Week! 

This week was SO full it’s a bit hard to remember what all happened! But to keep your attention I’ll try to “just” hit the highlights. Starting on Monday I was invited to a new Bible study that is all in Indonesian (as apposed to my Thursday English study). I was again blown away at the hunger for truth that so many of these people have! The Bible study was on the Holy Spirit but other questions such as:
  1. Somewhere some people claim to have seen Jesus. Was it really Him?
  2. Are we above or below the Angles?
  3. Why didn't God just punish Satan and send him and his angles straight to the lake of fire?

I really appreciated these questions because they are honest/real questions that we’ve all had or sometimes think about. Some of the questions we searched the scriptures (Alkitab is the Indonesian word for Bible) and tried to answer their questions and other questions sometime the real answer is God didn’t tell us that. Some day for all those who believe in Christ will have eternity with our Savior and we can ask Him! :) But for now let’s focus on the ‘already big’ Bible (God’s Word) that we have...

Another totally cool thing we got to do this week! There is a local International School here in central Java and they decided to put on a Peter Pan Play (upper right picture)! Because it was later on in the night I just bought tickets for Chloe, Gwen & I. I was thinking Gwen might be scared of the pirates & the crocodile. But at the end of the first half they were ‘beside themselves’ with excitement and joy! Oh,

what fun we had together!

Scorpions, Spiders, & Rats "oh my"!

“Culture of the Week” this week is what we found in our back yard ‘just’ this week! The Spider is a BIG spider that lives up in some trees/bushes behind our house. We looked it up on the Internet and think we found it, it can eat birds when it gets big enough....The scorpion is also a fun story. Ruth saw a hole in the ground and said “I think that is a scorpion hole.”. Luckily for me, when I’m in the States I try to watch ‘Survivor Man’ on Discovery channel as much as possible! He says to dig out a hole in front of the hole and then place a cup in the ground so that when it comes out of it’s hole it falls in the cup and can’t get out. Sure, enough Chloe and I did this and in the morning there it was! I just chose not to eat it..... As for the rat, the girls were playing out back (why do we let them play there again?) and they quickly ran inside saying they found a big rat! And big it was! You can see for the scorpion and the spider I used a quarter and for the rat I used a bic pen to show you the size!
***On a side note Ruth and I wanted to thank all our family and friends for the support you have shown us. We receive our local field account statement this week and with visa expenses, travel, new motor bike, girls in school, and needing to supply our house with some things we’ve spent over $5,000.00 dollars. But with that said, we are thankful that we were able to save a bit while in the States for these expenses. Once things settle down a bit with expenses here we’ll start saving for our move to the island of Sulawesi then to the island of the Taliabo tribe. After that our monthly expenses will mostly go to our ministry with the people and living in a remote location.

Grace & Peace,
 Ben, Ruth, Chloe, Gwen & Addie

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Melissa said...

That is really gross. So excited to have found your blog! I just started a crafty/project blog ( Hope you guys are well. Just finished our Bible study last week! Miss you all and your babies are so cute all on the motorcycle in the other post!