Tuesday, February 09, 2010

SO proud of our girls!

(This picture WILL NOT


for some reason!)

Today has been A BIG day around the Kane household! Chloe has been LOVING perlerbeads and she is showing you her new turtle (and the best part is we already have it potty trained!), Gwen went to bed last night in her 'underwear' for the first time and woke up DRY, and Addie rolled over for the FIRST time today! Wow, gotta love these moments!

Thought we would share,

Do you have days like this? What happened?


Emily said...

awww! SO Precious... we miss your girls and are so thankful for blog updates that keep us... up-to-date! :-) Great job girls!!!


Glidewell Family said...

They looks so cute together! Woo Hoo on the potty training! Good job on the Perler beads Chloe just don't spill them.

Jake and Erin said...

Cute! =)