Monday, February 01, 2010

Practical Needs List

Practical Needs List

As we prepare to fly back to Indonesia soon we had began to realize there were a few items that would be really 'helpful' to have (and you can't 'buy' these things in Indo.) while living in Indonesia and soon to be in a 'remote tribal group'. With that in mind Ruth and I wanted to post this list for someone or a church that might consider helping us with the following 'Needs List'.
Thank You!

(Provided-Thank You!)
$536.00 THREE STAGE WATER PURIFIER (we buy this through NTM ourselves)
STAGE #1 is a fine (150 mesh per inch) washable screen which removes much of the silt and organic matter. The screen is housed in an opaque housing to reduce algae and bacteria growth in the screen. It is equipped with a manually operated flush valve at the bottom which uses source water to flush out the collected debris. The screen can be removed for more thorough cleaning.
STAGE #2 is a standard 7" British Berkefeld silver impregnated ceramic element inside an opaque housing to remove bacteria and micro-organisms such as amoeba. The housing can easily be drained and opened for cleaning. There element can be cleaned and rinsed in place.
STAGE #3 is the ultraviolet light water purifier by Pura as described above.
(Provided-Thank You!)
Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers!
We are not going to be able to ‘buy’ and ‘dispose’ throw away diapers in the tribe!
We need about 12 small and 12 mediums of these FuzziBunz cloth diaper!

(Provided-Thank You!)
$69.99 Frieling Stainless-Steel 35-Ounce French Press
We had brought a 'glass' french press last time but realized that if it broke (and they often do!) that we would be out of luck! So with that in mind we are looking to upgrade to a stainless steel one.
Gotta have our coffee! :)

(Provided-Thank You!)
$296.45 Garmin GPS 60CSx Handheld GPS Navigator
As we minister on the many island of Indonesia a trusty ‘easy to use’ GPS is always appreciated!

Camcorder: We’re not sure ‘which kind’ to buy. We would really like a camcorder that has a ‘internal hard drive/memory. This could be important because mold has a way of ‘getting inside’ things living in Indonesia! The other option that I like is the mini DV but again, we’re just not really sure. Do you have a camcorder that is still ‘kinda nice’ that you’re not using or you want to upgrade? Maybe that could work for us!

(We are going to buy in Indonesia)
Pack N Play!
Does anyone have a Pack N Play that they are no longer using (still in good shape) and wouldn’t mind donating it to us? If so, we sure would appreciate it for baby Addie!

(Provided-Thank You!)
Johnny Jumper! Does anyone have a Johnny Jumper that they are no longer using (still in good shape) and wouldn’t mind donating it to us?

(Provided-Thank You!)
Table Booster Seat Does anyone have one of these that breaks down or travels small that they are no longer using (still in good shape) and wouldn’t mind donating it to us?


Ben & Ruth said...

Thank You to you who have told us about a diaper grant for missionaries. We are VERY excited about this possibility and will be applying soon!

Here is the link:

Heather & Rick said...

Ha ha i was about to post a comment telling you about the diaper grant, as someone has just let us know about it too! Useful information eh?
Blessings on you guys!

the Curriers said...

Do you still need a portable highchair? If so, we will get you one- just let us know!

Corey Clan said...

Any chance you'll be this way before you leave? We'd like to donate our pack-n-play, but it would cost too much to ship.

Corey Clan said...
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