Sunday, January 10, 2010

Little Update

We are wanting to write an update/show pictures/ & post a video of Addie but we can't seem to find our transfer cable for our camera!

So the update for now is things are going really well. We just moved in with our new 'host family' and we've really been enjoying it here. This next week some time we'll be driving to visit my Mom in Arizona. While we are there we're also going to get to visit My Mom's church 'Freedom Fellowship' while also getting to visit with Ruth's sister Beth and her family from Mexico as they are going to be driving up to visit with us as well. After we've visited there for about a week we'll then be coming back here (Temecula) to be evolved with our church family here as much as possible while seeing if we can get some more ministry supporters before heading back to Indonesia in late March. We are now at about 42% and we've been told my NTM leadership that we need to be at least a 65% support to begin working in a tribal ministry. Please be praying with us during our time here in California.

Grace & Peace,
Ben for the Kane's

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Ben from Freedom Fellowship said...

All of us at Freedom Fellowship eagerly await your arrival! Blessings!