Thursday, September 17, 2009

I hope today is the day!

Well as you can see Ruth's belly can't really get 'too much' bigger! I finally got her to let me take a picture of her after church this last Sunday because she just looked SO darn cute!!!! So here are some reasons why I think today should be 'the day'.

16 December, Chloe
18 April, Gwen
19 July, Ruth

As you can see if we/I had a 17'th (today) baby it would really help me remember all these B-Day's!!!! LOL, I think it's a good idea : - )

Last night we moved the room around and set up the 'Pack & Play'. Now we pretty much just need a baby....

What do you think? What day do you think this little baby girl will be born?


Jake and Erin said...

Aw! Her room is all ready! =) And Ruth, you look great!! =)

Whatleys' World said...

Ditto to Ben... :) Ruth, you look so darn cute!!! :) Hope you get your 17th. Hi from Indo! :)

Sarah Elwer said...

Ruth you do look super cute! And Ben, if she doesn't come today then just pray that she comes next Friday, the 25th, so you know it's like your birthday.

Blessings on your labor and delivery Ruth! I will be praying for your body and baby to work together in perfect harmony!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ruth, you look just beautiful!

Love you,


C Kane; M Kane said...

LOL ... you guys are too cute!

... and Ruth, don't sweat it ... you look adorable!

So, how did the 17th turn out?!

Looper said...

I think she pretty much always looks cute anyways, cute top by the way;) and I think it's going to be this weekend... on the....27th!
PS! I updated my blog too guys!