Thursday, July 02, 2009

Joanna & Curtis Update

Praying Family & Friends,

We are home again in NH after what we think was a profitable trip to Mexico. Joanna did well on the flights and during our time there. We saw major improvement in her white blood counts (a measure of her immune system) which was really good! And overall she felt pretty good while she was there. She did 2 weeks worth of IV treatments in Mexico, and we are continuing to do them at home here for another 4 weeks.

Since we got home however, she's been having very severe headaches. After 5 days of headaches, we went to get another MRI to see what was happening. When they compared it to her last scan on June 2, it showed no growth of the tumor (Praise the Lord!) but a lot of swelling, which is causing all her pain and confusion. We hope this swelling is a result of her body finally fighting the cancer, but as always we'll have to wait and see.

Once again, thank you all for your prayers and support! Pray especially that Joanna doesn't get discouraged and give up. Its really miserable having headaches all the time and having the doctors tell you your going to die soon. We know that God is the one in control, but we forget that sometimes when we have bad days.

In Christ
Curtis & Joanna Bergman

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jbj said...

Ben and Ruth,
We just heard the news and our hearts are aching. We are so sorry but yet rejoice that JoAnna is now in the full presence of her savior. We love you all and will pray for peace and comfort.

Joel and Bethany