Sunday, June 07, 2009


Are friends Wes & Michelle missionaries in the Czech Republic had some good questions for us:

Question . . . How is drinking wheat grass going green? The other question: Will you also be sustaining from a/c this summer seeing that a/c is one of the major contributors to wasteful energy? Lastly, what is better for the environment: wearing disposable diapers or wearing cloth diapers and racking up your energy bill with all the extra loads of laundry you have to do (cause my son poops at least twice a day you have two poopers). Just a few points to think about and that I'm wondering about. For us, we don't use a dryer, have a/c, and will take public transportation when possible. And we don't even try and go green:-)

Well (deep subject -as my father would say...), here goes some answers to your questions. We feel growing wheatgrass is one more way to 'go green' in that any time you 'grow your own' it helps the environment in that we now don't plane on spending money (big $$$ saver...) for buying vitamins any more for Ruth & I. But in not buying vitamins any more we're not going to be participating in the environmental cost of making and sending those vitamins out.

Why cloth diapers? With us it's a big bonus for the environment right now to go cloth because Chloe is potty trained and Gwen just wets the bed at night. We do laundry every 3 days and just add her peed fuzzy buns with the load on those days. So at this point we have no extra laundry and no throw away disposable diapers in the trash! Ruth and I talked a bit about what to do when Adelaide comes. I guess (I’m not an expert on this stuff… LOL) when the baby poops her pants (fuzzy bunz) you rinse them in the toilet and then put them in a ‘wet bag’ for diapers. Then (if you buy enough) you can just wait and put the dirties in the laundry like you normally would or do a load of laundry a day. So we think investing in the cloth diapers really is a good choice. And they say it’s cheaper in the long run…

Will we be runny AC this summer? That’s a good question! Let me prefix it with Ruth & I aren’t (yet…) environmental freaks! It’s been a journey for us over the last 4 years or so to start looking at ‘what would Jesus have us do?’ with people, job, kids & environment. It’s been a growing process and we still have LOT'S to learn. As for now we’re doing things that really are kinda easy and yet helps a ton! As for the AC questions Ruth’s parents house (where we are staying) doesn’t have AC, but we have some AC window units that we put in a few windows for a couple of months in the Summer (still not in yet….). I think this is still a good solution for now in that it’s better to cool a few rooms (or just one) that everyone is in most the time then to cool the whole house… And if it were our house I could call the electric company and ask about what kinds of ‘renewable energy’ plans they may offer. That way whatever energy you are using you can sleep better knowing that your helping the problem and not making it worse! :D

So we hope this helps answer some of you questions. Please feel free to ask more! This whole things kinda funny for us in that we didn’t thank of ourselves as ‘Going Green’ spokes people until this month. I guess some times our roles kinda change over night without us thinking about it! :)

Peace Out,

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