Friday, May 29, 2009

Time for a BIG update....

So much has been happening here. We know that it was not long ago that we sent out our last update, but it is already time for another.
Thank you all very much for praying for Joanna. She has been recovering from her second surgery, slowly but steadily. Joanna will have a few good days, and then one bad day where she feels seizure-like symptoms. She is up and doing more and enjoying the sunshine when she can. She even made supper the other night for the first time in months! She has had two seizures in the last three days. It really takes a lot out of her. Please be praying for Joanna today as she had a big seizure this morning and it was so big that she temporally (hopefully) lost her ability to communicate.

As far as what the next step is for Curtis & Joanna, They have been researching clinics around the world, and are now looking at going to a clinic in Mexico that offers the same treatments that have been proven to work by German clinics for over 40 years, but at a cheaper price and in English. Curtis talked with the doctor at this clinic and he was a pretty encouraging by the conversation. It is a small clinic that has only 4 patients at a time, with 6 doctors (good ratio).
Curtis has applied for Permanent Residence here in the USA, and has to wait for a travel document to leave and re-enter the country while this is in process. The state senator has been contacted. Curtis just received word that the Travel Document was approved (a big praise), although it will still take 2-3 weeks before it gets to them. The plan is for them (Curtis & Joanna) to leave in the next 2-3 weeks for Mexico. They will be at the clinic for about two weeks.

As for us, we are expecting a baby! As most of you probably remember, Ruth had a miscarriage this past Christmas. It was hard to go through but the Lord uses so many things to teach us and grow us more & more like Him. After our trip to the Taliabo tribe we found out that Ruth was pregnant again. Through all the craziness and confusion when we got back to the States we went to the doctors and got an ultra sound done. Turns out that when we had the miscarriage, we most likely lost a twin to the baby she is still now carrying! God is good and He has taken care of our baby through all of this. We are going to have another girl (I can’t believe 3 girls….) and her name is Adelaide! Sorry for the late announcement but we wanted to make sure everything was O.K. with the baby first. Are new (or old) due date is at the end of September.

Among other things the Lord has presented us with the opportunity to take a quick trip out to California for a month. Ben’s Dad & Step Mom would like him (All of us) to come out and Ben will be helping finish up a Pastor/Missionary retreat center up in Big Bear for his parents. We are thankful to hopefully be able to see a lot of you and spend some time with family.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. You are a great encouragement to us during this time! :)

~Ben, Ruth, Chloe Gwen, & Baby Addie Kane


Sarah Elwer said...

PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!! Another perfect baby girl! Ruth I have been praying for you since I heard of your miscarriage and this news just fills me with joy!

If for some reason you end up down our way when you are in CA please let us know - we would love to see you!

Tamara said...

Congrats on the baby! As you know we like the name (We have an Adelaide ourself!)