Friday, January 09, 2009

Culture of the week!

We wanted to keep with our 'the effects of water' theme with Culture of the week because this time of year is rain season for us! So without further a due our title this week is:

Motor Cycle Rain Gear!!!

We've found (and have been told) that raining season is pretty much clock work. We usually get a good rain storm come in right around lunch time and will last for an 1 or 3. Then come evening again we'll get some more rain for a while or for the whole night. And then of course there are those days when it just rains/pours all day! Of course, our days can't just stop because it's raining so...

This is a picture of Ruth wearing her full body rain suit on her way to school.

This is a picture of me wearing my poncho coming home from school. Unfortunately today it rained so hard when coming home that I was still pretty wet and had to change when I got home... The cool/funny thing about my poncho is that it's a double header! Meaning that when I have a guest/passenger they have a head pop out for them also!

Any of you motor cycle friends of ours (i.e. Jon, Tucker & Jeff) have rain to deal with? What do you do?

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Hemp said...

I have an awesome poncho that I bought at the store for about 50 cents... it's super-thin and light, but it has long sleeves and comes down to my knees. :)