Monday, December 29, 2008

Culture of the Week ... 'ish!

Mold, Mold, Mold!

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, we've been a little overwhelmed with other things. So the picture below is a picture of Ben's side of the bed. His head sleeps right next to his dresser and might even have some contact now and then while he's a bit of a mover/walker in his sleep! But all that to say 3 nights ago while we were reading 'Little House On The Prairie' (great book!) to our girls Ben noticed that the side of his dresser had mold all over it! Not Cool! So we moved it out of the room and took everything out and wiped it all down with bleach water to kill it off. Here's a couple of cool mold pictures and how we dealt with the problem!

Here is a closer look at the board side by Ben's head

Here is a closer, closer look at the mold issues!

This picture is one of my favorites! This is a picture of a watch that Ben's has. He has two so this one was sitting in the basket on top of Ben's dresser! It's now at this point that we tend to look all around the house for mold!

So the picture below is of one of the ways to remove/prevent mold in the dressers and other things here in Indonesia! Ben had his friend Mas Marwan come over yesterday and put in 4 5wt. lights in his dresser. The idea is the warm/hot dry air moving through the dresser will keep out the mold! A lot of other missionaries have these light in all their dressers but we were hoping we had a 'dry' house and didn't need them. But we've been getting A LOT of rain the past few weeks so I guess the moister finally got the better of us!
Now we just need to get use to sleeping with a night light again. It's been a while! : )

Do you have any mold issues? How do you deal with it?

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C Kane; M Kane said...

I agree - that picture with the watch is pretty cool.

We have trouble with mold in our basement. The de-humidifier helps a lot, but it's a damp basement. We think we may need to get larger drain spouts to help catch more runoff from the roof and move it further away from the house.


Anonymous said...

No mold. My casa is so dry, I have to put a big pot of water to boil on the stove to get moisture in the house.

Sorry you have mold.